International Chamber of Shipping COVID 19 Guidance

The International Chamber of Shipping has issued Guidance for safe shipboard interface between ship and shore personnel, in response to COVID 19.  This Guidance is supported by the International Group of P&I Clubs and BIMCO.

The Guidance is:

Eliminate: elimination of the hazard is the most effective measure to reduce risks.

Reduce: where it is not possible to eliminate the hazard, the risk can be reduced by minimising the onboard element of the work.

Communicate: where onboard attendance cannot be eliminated, communicate and understand the requirements of each party involved.

Control: if requirements communicated between each party are not understood, then administrative control measures need to be taken so that all requirements are understood.

Personal Protective Equipment: understand what PPE is required and expected to be used by crew and shore-based personnel during attendance on board and at what times.

The Guidance also details some simple steps to take when attending onboard:

  • minimising the number of persons attending;
  • using outer walkways rather than access through the crew accommodation; and
  • limit time inside crew accommodation to the absolute minimum necessary to perform duties on board.

The full Guidance can be found at:

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