IY LEGAL: 'Boutique Commodities Firm of the Year 2017'

We are very pleased that IY LEGAL has been chosen by Corporate Intl magazine as the 2017 Boutique ‘Commodities firm of the Year in England’

As Corporate Intl explain: “The awards commemorate those who have been successful over the past 12 months and who have shown excellence not only in expertise but in service.  For all our awards we have undertaken detailed research via our independent research and editorial teams. We then create a shortlist of up to 5 potential winners in each category.  The shortlisted parties have been carefully scrutinized. We focus on service type, service range, business type, geographical location, how the business operates and the expertise each team can offer to companies that either trade or may want to trade in their chosen jurisdiction.  The shortlisted firms are then reviewed by an independent awards panel in each country with the eventual winners chosen by that independent panel.

Our awards therefore promote leading firms in their chosen specialisms throughout the world. As Corporate INTL magazine is read by business leaders, investors and advisers globally it’s a huge accolade for those firms that are awarded as winners in their specific categories".

Andrew Iyer commented: “I’m delighted that the firm has been recognised for its legal work in the Commodities sector.  Sale of goods, commodities, derivatives and OTC trading; the physical shipment of a wide range of oil and gas, liquid, soft, bulk and metal cargoes; precious metals and assets; as well as electronic and online commodity trading platforms, are at the heart of the legal services we provide every-day.  As a boutique firm, we aim to offer high end expertise and service at an affordable price and tackle problems with real focus on the best commercial outcome for our clients.  Our commodities practice has continued to grow considerably during the last 12 months and this recognition, I think, signals that many market players like our approach.  I’m grateful for all of the support we have received from our clients”.

These Awards are organised by Corporate Intl magazine, which is subscribed to by 70,000 business leaders, professional advisers, investors and in-house counsel globally in the public and private sectors:  Corporate Intl magazine

For more information about IY LEGAL and the legal services we can provide, please visit:  www.iylegal.com or contact Andrew Iyer on +44 (0)207 1007714 or at:  [email protected]

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