IY LEGAL's 6 Anniversary

This June 2021, IY LEGAL marks its 6th anniversary!  Since setting up as an affordable, boutique legal services provider in 2015, we have grown our practice in a range of areas, including:

Commercial Arbitration/Disputes work and representation, predominately in the Shipping and Commodity trading/international sale of goods sectors;

General Shipping, Marine and Marine insurance work, for Owners, Charterers and their Insurers/Clubs, Brokers and Managers;

General international sale of goods work, including in the Bulk commodity sectors;

Fintech work, including in the precious and non-precious metals spaces and electronic currency and Bitcoin sectors;

Shipbuilding advice, contract negotiation and contract drafting;

Energy contractor work, in the oil & gas pipeline sectors; and

General company and commercial work and representation across a broad area of practice for UK and international companies involved in a wide range of industries, such as Construction, Rewards, Logistics, Property Development, Boat Sales, Engineering, Mutual Insurance, Product Distribution, Sanitiser Manufacturing, Tourism, Wholesale Clothing, Electronics and Software Development.

We are pleased and proud to have acted for industry sector leaders in the UK, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, Gibraltar, Bulgaria, BVI, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil and Greece.

We remain extremely grateful to our loyal and supportive clients and contacts.       

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